DEC 2022

UX Researcher & Designer

Figma | Miro | InDesign | Illustrator
Competitive Analysis | User Research | Workshops | User Persona | Journey Map | Prototyping | User Testing

Sept - Dec 2022
     01. Research Report
     02. Project Intro
     03. Research & Ideate
     04. Prototype & Review
     05. Design



How can we make gardening easier?

XYZ Statement

I am working to alleviate common gardening pain points to help people from all skill levels achieve effective gardening practices through Greenaid.

What is Greenaid?

01. A seed starter mixture in a growing medium encased by a water-soluble biodegradable material.
02. A plant database that provides product recommendations based on the users location and climate

Why Use a Greenaid?

01. To make gardening easier for everyone (no matter the skill level)
02. To increase biodiversity
03. To rejuvenate, nourish, and beautify land
04. To encourage connections (to each other and our shared planet)


1. User Input: When & Where
    • Increase plant care success rate
    • Avoid the propagation of non-native/invasive plants

2. Website: Database + Store
    • Zone & Region
        ◦ Hardiness
        ◦ Soil Composition
        ◦ Climate
        ◦ Native Plants
        ◦ Companion Planting
    • Streamlined Process

3. Product: Greenaid
    • Description (seeds)
    • Coverage
    • Light Preference
    • Life Cycle 
    • When to Plant
    • Watering Needs


Competitive Analysis

01. Kabloom
    02. Seedles
           03. Clay Seed Bombbs

Survey (35 people)

01. Demographics
02. Gardening Experience Level
03. Gardening Difficulties
04. Plant Considerations


Experts (6)
  • Betsy Ruppa: On-Call Lab Coordinator
  • Nicholas Vasques: Brown University Research Greenhouse Manager
  • Doug Victor: Peace & Plenty Community Garden leader
  • Pam Mills: Garden Gate Garden Club
  • Lee Ann Freitas: Roger Williams Park Botanical Center Director
  • Hope Leeson: RISD NL Resident Botanist
Users (6)
  •  Beginner Gardener
  •  Intermediate gardener
  •  Advanced gardener
  •  Community gardener
  •  Regenerative Earth Collective Leaders (2)


01. People want to care for plants but stop for various reasons
02. People are open to learning (no matter experience level)
03. People will pay for convenience

User Personas

Journey Map


Prototype 1

User Testing

We tested the first prototype with 5 users and these were the findings:
01. Users prioritize simple, streamlined questions that just ask what’s necessary
02. Users like quick-glance summaries to help them determine interest
03. Users perfer visual forms of communication over wordy descriptions

Prototype 2

1. Added a “Begin Here” button at top for a quicker start if (returning) user wanted

2. Simplified location question for a less invasive user experience

3. Simplified timeline question for a more enjoyable user experience

4. Changed display to show flora instead of the product since seeds packs are sold based on plant visuals, not seed visuals. This will help the user chose a product

5. Added a “Quick View” option for a more enjoyable shopping experience

6. Made the description and price of the product prominent and incorporated an image carousel to display necessary information concisely.