Carol Twombly

MAR 2021

Research a typographer’s career and create three event posters with their name, event, and location. Next, design four postcards about their contributions to the type world.


1. Posters (36x48”)       2. Postcards (4)

01. Posters

02. Postcards


Carol Twombly is an iconic American type designer born on June 13, 1959 in Concord, Massachusetts. While studying graphic design at RISD, she met professor Charles Bigelow, and his partner, Kris Holmes. They introduced Carol to the world of type design, and she spent her Summers working at their design studio.

After graduating from RISD, Twombly spent a year working at a Boston graphic design studio, then accepted an invitation from Bigelow to join a newly formed digital typography program at Stanford University. She received a Masters of Science degree after studying computer science and typographic design for two years.
After completing her education, Twombly continued to work for the Bigelow and Holmes studio. In 1984, Twombly entered her first typeface design in an international competition where she was awarded the gold prize. Subsequently, her work was licensed and marketed as the “Mirarae” typeface.

After Bigelow and Holmes, Twombly became a type designer at Adobe Systems in 1988. This is when she created a plethora of popular fonts such as Trajan, Myriad, Adobe Caslon, and more. Like her talent, Carol’s impact of the world through type design is unparalled. Since retiring in 1999, Carol has pursued other artistic interests like jewelry making, basket weaving, and Afrocuban drumming.